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Draw Number 60 of Rs.7500 prize bond will be held on Monday November, 03 2014 at Rawalpindi and RS.25000 Bond draw will be held on same day at Karachi...
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Latest Prize bond Draw Result 750

First 409087
Second 153627 695616 987816

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Latest Prize bond Draw Result 15000

First 968892
Second 043952 106450 291004

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Latest Prize bond Draw Hints 200

Open 4::7::3::1
Close 3:::6:::2:::1
Center 3::4::6:::7

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Rs.25000 Prize bond Details Pakistan

((CDNS) can float Rs twenty five, 000 bonds Pakistan from February one, 2012 with the aim to push public savings Finance&Money within the country on one aspect and encourage non-bank borrowings to regulate inflation. Director general CDNSZafar Shaikh told communicator Monday that there was a requirement for variety with the denomination Pakistan of Rstwenty five, 000cater to promote appetency within the country.We'veance and cash saving lottery of virtually all denominations, but there was a gap of one of Rs 25,000 in between Rs 15,000 and Rs forty, 000Pakistan.
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Student Welfare Prize bond Detail Pakistan

1st attracts can endure 15 Feb, 2013 The National Savings Finance and cash Pakistan's investment declared Student Welfare, which can be obtainable for the workplace of National Saving Centres, Post offices and everyone regular banks. This was declared by Director General National Finance&Money Savings Pakistan, Zafar ManHood throughout a gathering with delegation of National Youth Assembly. He said, "Thepurpose of introducing this is often to make the propensity of savings among youth; the sixty two PC of the overall population," say a release here Monday.
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What Is Prize Bond Finance Investment Money?

Money is a paper object which is throughout, financing, investing, buying and selling of goods, services, stock, funds, saving finance bonds, prize bonds, different fixed and current assets. The main function of money is to act as a medium of exchange. Finance money was introduced when the barter system was to end, barter system refers to process of trading via goods and services, such as buying of one excellent will lead to trade one good or one service. Barter system was giving inequality in income and wealth distribution that is why means of paper finance money started. The barter system was facing a problem of a number of limitations and including the problem of double demand of product coincident. In a barter system, there was an absence of common measure; some of the set goods were indivisible, difficulties of unrealized gross profit/payment, and difficulty of storing the wealth in the form of goods and services. Barter system was not reliable in investing and financing procedure. Where as paper money is divisible, portable, liquid and easy to carry from one place to another and able to store your wealth. And the biggest good factor/ feature of money is that it is totally reliable in the process of investing and financing in capitals, shares, premium finance bonds, prize bonds, saving bonds.


Description of Functions of Money:


Functions of money are to offer itself as a medium of exchange in trading of goods and services. It acts as a medium of exchange in all the assets, all the liabilities, paying of expenses, taking income or revenue, sharing or building up a capital for business, investing and financing in saving schemes such as savings certificates, saving finance bonds, investing in prize schemes such as ticket's prize bond scheming.


Making Money Via Investing In The Prize Bond Scheme:

If we talk about making money, so it means to earn paper money via different methods, prize bond designing is one of the methods of making money rapidly and respectfully with white money, which is by state of the nation. Focusing on making money via prize bond can lead us to know that prize bond is a gold investment, it is as gold investment because it is that much worthy as compare to gold rate now days, and it is a cheap but worthy method of making money. You can make finance money by investing in this field and next wait for the time until the draw is, then the prize bond number of the winner is after that money prize is over to the winner, there are thousands of the winner for each of the finance prize bond denominations at every draw. Amount of prize money is a lot more than the amount to be paid while purchasing prize bond, thus in such manner money is prize bond is with cash back guarantee.


Benefits For Finance Investors In Prize Bonds:


The most prominent benefit to the finance investor in this scheme that money of investor is and secured because it offers money-back guarantee that is why prize bonds are a bearer type of security. It is beneficial for investors/money maker people of all the classes and sectors because the prize bond list is a lawful source of making money for poor, middle and upper-middle class through earning white money the winning bond's money is in other businesses which as a. Invested amount, which is by prize bonds works as a source of money making of national income and government. Thus, prize bonds finance work as a money maker in every single way it is.